Drupal is considered the best content management system (CMS) for websites with a lot of content and multiple types of users, such as creators, editors, and developers requiring finely tuned access.


Originally built for individual bloggers, WordPress has evolved to become the top web and mobile platform for small business operators, such as contractors, lawyers, and real estate brokers.

One-Page Sites

Whether it’s an annual report or an online business card, a simple one-pager might be all you need. And if those needs grow, it’s easy to add pages or move into a more robust content system.

About Me

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have been developing and managing web sites and content management systems for more than 20 years.

As a freelance developer, I have primarily built sites using Drupal and WordPress. These platforms allow individuals and organizations to manage their own content and user permissions without deep technical knowledge. New pages and menu items can be easily added by anyone given the proper permissions. The technology of these platforms is advancing rapidly, and there are always newer, easier site-managing tools coming available.

As with any project, the process begins by figuring out the objectives and requirements. If you have a project or marketing manager, I can work with that person, or I can fill that role. We will determine what technology platform is the best fit and what content and functionality is required, whether it be a newsletter, annual report, a blog, a photo gallery, or a full-blown e-commerce application. Or all of the above.

— Morgan

Next Steps …

Contact me with your project ideas and goals and let’s talk!