Drupal 8 feeds modules finally catching up to Drupal 7

If you have been using Drupal 8 for events and calendar feeds, you no doubt are aware it’s taken a long time to get all the modules updated and working as well as the Drupal 7 version of the Feeds module.

This has not been the only long delay in porting modules to D8 — it took a while for the Date module to be ported, and the Media module is being rolled out one fix and a time. But for me, the feeds situation has been the main nemesis. But we are finally in good shape, though there is at least one snag that still requires a patch.

The main modules and submodules required for pulling in the typical range of event feeds (such as XML, iCal, RSS, JSON) from various partner sites include these (latest versions as of this writing):

Note that there are two feeds modules, Feeds Tamper and Tamper (one for the back end, one for the front end). The Feeds extensible parsers submodule, which provides feed-type import options (the roll-your-own XML being my fav) was critical. But finally getting Feeds Tamper and Tamper earlier this year was critical. Tamper, as you recall from Drupal 7 Feeds, is what gives you a lot of plugins to search-and-replace on data elements, add data, and much more.

As of this moment, though, not all of the Tamper plugin functions are ready, including the KeywordFilter. So if you were hoping to filter out events with words like “XXX Rated” you were out of luck.

That’s where the patch comes in. You can read about it here: https://www.drupal.org/project/tamper/issues/2976176

Patch #31 is what worked for me. It adds the KeywordFilter plugin to the Tamper module.

I can’t guarantee all the feeds issues are addressed, but for my use cases, the system is working.

Thanks to the various developers on these modules, especially Drupal uber-dev Youri van Koppen (@MegaChriz)!

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